About the Golf Business Guy

Eric Saperstein is the perfect person to take your business golf skills to the next level.  He has helped corporations close millions of dollars in business using golf and now you can too.

Eric Saperstein Golf Business Guy

Eric Saperstein is the Golf Business Guy

Eric Saperstein is the Golf Business Guy.  His award-winning career in golf television and business spans almost 20 years.  As a founding member of The Golf Channel, his concepts, strategies and management style promoted impressive revenue growth, and helped transform a fledgling start-up into a network with over 100 million global fans.  His unprecedented rise at The Golf Channel secured his tenure as the Senior Director of News.  He was constantly charged with creating brand strategies; show concepts and activations for Fortune 500 companies.  These activations produced millions in closed deals.

In 2008 alone, his concepts and executive plan for rebranding all of the in-studio broadcasts resulted in record-breaking ratings and the best fiscal quarter in Golf Channel history - a testament to his stellar career and leadership skills.

In 2009, he joined one of the most progressive universities in the country.   As Director of the Undergraduate Business Schools he has helped reshape existing curriculum and is the driving force behind one of the most successful online universities in the country.  The program prides itself on introducing innovative and progressive marketing and branding strategies, including the latest digital and social marketing techniques.

In 2015, Eric reentered the golf television business as a production consultant to FOX Sports.  He has contributed to their coverage of USGA events for the past two seasons.

Eric holds his Master’s degree in Entertainment Business with an emphasis on Sports Marketing.  He graduated as Valedictorian after receiving course honors in cutting edge courses like Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Sports Sponsorships and Sales.

Eric is also the International Marketing and Communications Director for Beyond Sport Integrated.  It is an organization designed to teach life skills and AIDS awareness to children in Africa through sport.


Eric enjoys spending time with his family and playing many sports including: golf, tennis, basketball and jogging. He has completed 3 marathons.

​​The Golf Business Guy is available for individual sessions and corporate outings.  Contact him today!