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About the Golf Business Guy

Eric Saperstein is the perfect person to take your business golf skills to the next level.  He has helped corporations close millions of dollars in business using golf and now you can too.

Eric Saperstein Golf Business Guy

Eric Saperstein is the Golf Business Guy

Meet Eric Saperstein, widely recognized as the. With nearly two decades of experience in golf television and business, Eric's journey commenced as a founding member of The Golf Channel. His visionary concepts, strategic acumen, and effective management style were instrumental in propelling the network's growth, transforming it from a startup into a global powerhouse with over 100 million fans.

During his tenure as the Senior Director of News at The Golf Channel, Eric consistently demonstrated his ability to formulate impactful brand strategies, pioneering show concepts, and activations that resulted in substantial revenue growth. Notably, in 2008, his innovative rebranding efforts for in-studio broadcasts led to record-breaking ratings and marked the best fiscal quarter in Golf Channel history.

In 2009, Eric embraced a new challenge as the Director of the Undergraduate Business Schools at one of the most progressive universities in the country. His influence reshaped the curriculum, contributing to the success of one of the nation's leading online universities, known for its innovative marketing and branding strategies, including cutting-edge digital and social marketing techniques.

In 2015, Eric returned to the golf television business, lending his expertise as a production consultant to FOX Sports, where he significantly enhanced their coverage of USGA events over five seasons.

In 2022, Eric again entered the golf world as the Innovation Producer for LIV Golf. His talents are displayed at events across the globe.

Armed with a Master's degree in Entertainment Business with a focus on Sports Marketing, Eric graduated as Valedictorian, earning course honors in pioneering subjects such as Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Sports Sponsorships and Sales.

Beyond his professional achievements, Eric is a devoted family man who enjoys engaging in various sports, including golf, tennis, basketball, and jogging. A three-time marathon finisher, Eric,  is available for individual sessions and corporate outings.


Elevate your golf experience and business ventures – contact him today. 


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